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Rave reviews about Mo Guernon and his work:

“Rarely have I encountered a writer of Mo’s caliber. He is a brilliant and articulate writer. His eloquence is unparalleled. He is one of the most intelligent, dynamic, and dedicated individuals I have ever encountered. Mo is a beacon of integrity and wellspring of energy. Mo’s experience as a political strategist and as a journalist proved invaluable.

“Mo is a naturally gifted orator who has the power to motivate his audience to do and be their best. Anyone who meets Mo understands immediately what a charismatic and erudite individual he is. He is a man of character and integrity, a man whose intellectual powers are matched only by his ability to lead and inspire others.”

– Vana Dougias

“Mo combines a superb intellect with both passion and dedication.There are few people in this world that share the qualities found in Mo Guernon. He represents the rare kind that combines a superb intellect with both passion and dedication.”

– Melinda Morin

“Mo possesses many admirable qualities that serve him well as a consultant, but perhaps the most impressive is his ease in establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Mo demonstrates excellent organizational abilities and time-management skills. I witnessed Mo’s ability to juggle and prioritize multiple tasks in order to meet critical deadlines. Mo’s communication skills are exceptional. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and Mo never crosses that line.”

– Julie Mahew

“Mo Guernon is one of the finest individuals I have ever known. He is a man of unparalleled integrity, honesty, and loyalty. He is the consummate professional with widely recognized expertise.”

– Bruce Daigle

“Mo is a charismatic leader who has galvanized our community. An effective communicator who consistently demonstrates professionalism and understanding, Mo has built positive relationships.

“He has consistently demonstrated strong interpersonal skills. Mo has earned a reputation as someone who listens and respects others’ voices and opinions.

“Mo is a straightforward individual who holds himself and others to extremely high expectations and is very supportive.

“Mo has a tireless work ethic, exceptional instincts, and timeless wisdom.

“He is an exemplary leader with a commitment to move an organization forward.”

– Katherine Malloney

“Mr. Guernon expertly helped us implement the new model of evaluation because he was thorough, knowledgeable, prepared and approachable. He worked well with our staff because he is personable, can provide constructive criticism, and has empathy. Our teachers were confident that his presence in their classroom would help them refine their practice and grow as professionals.

“On a personal level, we enjoyed Mr. Guernon’s visits. He is out-going and has a great sense of humor. He’s become an extended member of our school community, and we will miss him.”

– Dennis Kafalas

“Mo Guernon is a tremendous asset to have available during a difficult transition in policy and procedure. Mo is very knowledgeable, down-to-earth, insightful, and kind. Mo was extremely accommodating in scheduling meetings to fit our ever changing building schedule. Mo is an individual who truly makes a positive and lasting impact and impression.”

– Laurie Ratigan

“From the first day that I worked with Mo, he was engaging, kind, and genuinely interested in the work that was to be done, and he has been an enormous support. Mo’s written and verbal feedback is always extremely thorough and highly meaningful. He truly exemplifies the meaning of professionalism, and his wonderful and positive attitude are a breath of fresh air!”

– Janet Lyons

“Mo is a consummate professional, highly respected. He commits himself completely while working collaboratively. He is extremely articulate and has a tremendous skill set which has allowed him to work effectively with all employees. He is masterful with negotiation and truly is able to put his vision into effect. Mo is thorough and detail oriented in his approach to every task. He is goal oriented and extremely solution focused. Mo is someone who makes things happen. Perhaps most importantly, Mo has the rare ability to combine an excellent sense of humor with an unparalleled work ethic and keen intelligence. He understands and values the importance of team work.”

– John Adams  (NOT the President; I was too young to write when he was in office!)

“Mo Guernon has been a trusted and valued advisor on both policy and political matters. Throughout my association with Mr. Guernon, I’ve found him to be versatile, diligent, resourceful, incisive, and articulate. His many credentials include superior creative ability, formidable persuasive powers, an impressive facility with the English language, and exceptional organizational skills. His commitment to excellence always demands the final touches of polish and finesse to whatever project he undertakes.”

– Charles Baldelli

“Mo is an excellent communicator. He can convey information in a clear and concise way using the written word or the spoken word. His verbal skills are impressive. Mo is a person of integrity. One of his unique talents is his ability to understand people.”

– John Finase

“Mo Guernon is clear in his advice, patient with questions, and honest in his assessment. His is a storied career.”

– Adam Gentili

“You will find that Mo Guernon is so very skilled in preparation, planning, listening, analyzing, establishing rapport with others, all the while maintaining personal and professional integrity.”

– Christine Henrich

“Organization, constructive criticism, patience, commitment to excellence, and knowledge all describe Mo.”

– Margaret Maher

“Mo’s enthusiasm is obvious in his day-to-day interactions. He is a model of diligence, intellectualism, and vibrancy. He is extremely competent and gifted.”

– Jill Proulx

“I found Mo’s support invaluable and we would not have been able to successfully manage the new system without his input and assistance. Mo has excellent interpersonal skills. His knowledge was excellent and his ability to explain and facilitate application of the different components of the process allayed concerns and anxiety. Mo has many skill sets and talents. He is able to process new information, problem solve, create systems and think strategically.”

– Rose Mary Grant

“Mo Guernon is a creative, professional and effective writer who provides invaluable assistance with all your communication needs…….I highly recommend his services!”

-Marc Cote


“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” 

Nathaniel Hawthorne



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