Quest’s Mission: Complete Client Satisfaction



Exploiting the robust influence of the written word in its various forms to:

Prepare executives in the private and pubic sectors to maximize their effectiveness within their organizations and to convincingly transmit the value and benefits of their products, services, and policies to their target audiences/customers

Promote clear communication skills among employees, volunteers, and members of various types of entities to enhance their productivity and success

Ignite widespread, enthusiastic support for charitable organizations,  public interest groups, candidates, and otther clients by waging reputable and compelling promotional campaigns



Accountability: You are my first priority — always. Because your satisfaction with my work is of paramount importance to me, rest assured that I will labor tirelessly on your behalf to provide peerless solutions to vanquish your problems. Frankly, I’m not totally altruistic; contented clients regularly refer others to me. I appreciate win-win situations like that!

Achievement: Establishing ambitious goals and surpassing them is a hallmark of my work. I take pride in making that ironclad commitment to each of my clients. I don’t rest until all my professional responsibilities to you are  met to your complete satisfaction. My work is done only when you are convinced that prospects for enhancing the achievement of your quest have been significantly improved.

Collaboration: Experience has taught me that close collaboration with clients yields the best results. That’s why I form close partnerships with my clients; we synchronize our thinking and our efforts in pursuit of our common goals. Ongoing dialogue between us results in surmounting every conceivable challenge. You can count on it.

Excellence: I detest mediocrity. When you secure my services, you can expect only the very best. Regardless of the task(s) entrusted to me, I’m dedicated to delivering superlative services. Simply put, pursuing perfection on behalf of my clients is what nourishes my enthusiasm.

Honesty: “Honesty is the best policy,” is an ancient cliché, but it happens to be true. Integrity must be a mutual expectation between client and consultant. Without it we can accomplish nothing worthwhile. I harbor no secret agendas, engage in no sleight of hand, countenance no “bait and switch” tactics, and never compromise the truth in my dealings with those who contract for my services. John D. Rockefeller once said  “a man’s word should be as good as his bond.” He was right. And it’s a maxim I adhere to faithfully.

Innovation: Intractable problems are rarely, if ever, solved by mundane “fixes”. Success in any challenging endeavor is the fruit of fresh ideas and bold approaches, unharnessed creativity, and vivid imagination.  I thrive on examining problems from unique perspectives because doing so yields original ideas with practical applications. That’s the mindset you can expect of me.

Trust: An indispensable key to completion of any worthwhile venture is mutual trust between client and consultant. A significant aspect of my job is to build that kind of relationship. To do that, I always tell you the truth as I see it and keep our conversations, strategy sessions, and action plans wholly confidential.

updated mission


“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Quest Means Business: Excellence in Communication

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