faqWhy should I secure Quest’s services rather than a competitor’s?

Quest is unique. It is a full-service writing and consulting agency serving a variety of organizations, including businesses, as well as corporate executives and public officials — a rarity in Rhode Island and elsewhere. As a result, you are more likely to find the service(s) you seek to suit your particular needs with Quest. Beyond that, the diversity of my expertise in various forms of communication (including writing, editing, public relations, marketing, and advertising)  over thirty years guarantees that you will receive services of the highest quality and distinction. Quest’s fundamental mission is to provide excellence in communication. Other benefits that you will enjoy include: 

Personalized dedication to all your communication needs

Easy accessibility to your consultant 

Free phone consultations, e-mail correspondence, text messages ( 7 days per week), travel time, and incidental costs under $25.

Complimentary, no obligation initial consultations

Free preliminary needs assessments upon request 

A guarantee to meet all deadlines within budget

Why not invest in the best of the best?

What kinds and sizes of companies and other organizations do you accept as clients?,

I don’t discriminate as long as the potential client is legitimate, legal, and ethical!

Am I under any obligation if I have a consultation with Quest?

Absolutely not. Never.

What’s the best, easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way to determine whether Quest can help me achieve my goals?

Call or e-mail me with a brief explanation of your situation. If Quest can assist you, we can schedule a free consultation at your convenience to discuss your issues in-depth. If you wish, within 72 hours of the meeting, you will receive a detailed proposal addressing your concerns and specifying the estimated time frame and costs to complete the services. You will have the options of accepting the entire proposal intact, modifying it, or choosing only some or none of the proposed services. You are under no obligation to hire Quest. The proposal is provided to you as a professional courtesy.

Do I need to sign a contract if I want to secure Quest’s services?

Yes. Based on a verbal agreement between the client and the consultant regarding the specific nature and extent of the desired services as well as their cost, a mutually-agreeable contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. This assures the client that he/she will receive all requested services within agreed-upon completion dates and charges.

How much access will I have to my consultant while under contract?

You will have virtually unlimited direct access to me while I work on your behalf. If I am servicing another client when you call, I will always adhere to my policy of returning all client calls within 24 hours, earlier whenever possible. Also, because I deliberately contract with a limited number of clients at any given time, I have the flexibility to respond to your needs personally and swiftly. ADDITIONALLY, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR PHONE CONSULTATIONS.

Do you accept small jobs such as editing a letter, memo, speech, etc.?

You bet! This is easily and effectively done via e-mail. No service is too insignificant (or too large) for Quest to handle.

What happens if your services don’t meet my expectations?

That happens about as often as Haley’s comet streaks across our skies — once every 75 years! (OK, I admit to using a bit of hyperbole here!)  On every project I confer with clients from start to finish, every step of the way. At any point in the process I will make changes that meet your standards. If you’re not entirely satisfied, I make it right. 

My business depends on complete client satisfaction and their word-of-mouth endorsements. I am constantly soliciting feedback on the quality of my work as it is in progress. A brief survey is sent to each client subsequent to the conclusion of Quest’s work to ascertain her/his level of satisfaction. Client feedback is of paramount importance to me. Quest’s relentless mission is excellence in communication for all clients at all times.

Are you available to accept “last minute” requests for services?

Sometimes. This is possible only when my schedule allows. I give preferential treatment in this regard to clients who have me on retainer and to previous clients, but even then I can’t guarantee that I can complete a request in 24 hours. It is always advisable to solicit my services well in advance of the date you need a project completed. 

If I want to hire Quest, am I guaranteed its services?

Not necessarily. There are three scenarios in which requests for services are not possible:

1. I intentionally work for a limited number of clients at one time. This is to guarantee that I’m able to deliver to them my best work on deadline while remaining readily accessible to them. My caseload is determined by those considerations.

2. In circumstances where the initial consultation indicates that the potential client and I are probably not a good fit to work together productively, I decline the account. My goal is to satisfy my clients completely; that is not possible when the client and I are working at cross-purposes.

3. When the organization’s/individual’s mission is at odds with my core convictions.

Does Quest ever sub-contract any of its work?

Occasionally. When related services are needed that demand particular expertise beyond my repertoire, (such as videography, professional photography, etc.), I sub-contract with the most highly qualified experts available. I always disclose this to clients ahead of time for their approval. For example, if a client is in need of a public opinion survey or focus group, I work with Dr. Victor Profughi –the dean of Rhode Island pollsters — who has the proficiency, resources, and expertly trained employees to complete the project professionally in a timely fashion. I am happy to make the connection to Quest Research  for you, or you can reach Dr. Profughi directly at:

Quest Research: http://www.questresearchri.com / questri@yahoo.com /  401-949-1384 or 401-499-1497

If you contact Dr. Profughi yourself, please inform him that I have recommended him.

What do Quest’s services cost?

Costs vary depending on the nature and extent of the services clients select. Following the first consultation, a written cost estimate is forwarded to the potential client for review prior to deciding whether to execute an agreement.

Do you offer any discounts?

Sure do.

I offer a “Loyal Client Courtesy” discount of 10% for repeat clients.  

New clients who choose to retain my services on a continuing  basis for at least ten hours per month also receive a 10% discount. 

Clients making a referral that translates into a contract of at least $1,000 are entitled to an additional one-time- only 10% discount for future work.

What are the conditions of payment for Quest services?

Half of the total cost of contracted services is paid at the time of executing the agreement with the remainder due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice when all services have been rendered. Clients desiring long-term assistance, are billed monthly. In instances in which an additional outlay of expenses, such as production costs, is required, payments to cover those expenditures are due at the time those services are rendered. At the conclusion of services, a time log of all completed work accompanies the invoice.

Payment must be made by certified check for invoices exceeding $500 in total. Remittance for all others may be by personal/business check or money order.

In what geographical areas are Quest services available?

Most clients are from Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, and eastern Connecticut. I am, however, willing to accept clients anywhere in the continental United States. Additional costs for travel and accommodations might apply.



“One should use common words to say uncommon things.”

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